Friday, 9 September 2011

Chair as Metaphor Chapter 26

This project, aleatory in its inception and uncertain of its path ahead, has been going on since the beginning of summer. It will end on September 18th first day of Autumn.
I have never worked with a collaborator until now: my eight year-old daughter Marina is the first. She has been very enthusiastic about it and has produced some of the shots during these past three months. To involve a child in a photographic project, albeit private and perhaps unseen by many represents somewhat of a triumph, at least on a personal level.
Children do not participate of their parents' artistic projects too often. The chair represents growing up and the best time for that rapidly evolving development is the summer time. Freedom makes us grow, away from the restrains of order, school, itineraries and organized learning.
Summer is the season of liberty and joy. And so the children go a little wild and the old men, read parent with camera, trying to record seemingly normal events must make an effort to see their world from a different perspective.
The children will show us the way and so we must at times stand aside and take notice. The chair remains a symbol, a metaphor for the spaces left unused and lonely, when all goes back to what we perceive as normal.

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