Sunday 26 September 2021

Negative Twenty Seven Years Forgotten

Hidden away for a long time, this frame came to my attention a couple of weeks ago as I had gone to print photographs in my friend Neil's darkroom. I had neglected to print said negative since 1994 and only after having taken a closer look, magnifying glass and all, I realised that there might have been something interesting in it. And I was right. And as with so many other things in my life it had taken me a long time to give it the attention it deserved. Go figure.

Hard to Shake Old Robert Frank's Legacy

One morning during my daily walk last year I found this image on the way back home. It immediately brought back memories of my early days as a young man enchanted by the art of photography. It refers to a classic image taken by Robert Frank, "Covered Car, Long Beach, California, 1955".
The essence is the same, the times are different, but the mystic example planted by the old genius remains forever etched on my mind many years after having seen it for the first time. So here it is...

The Slow Transformation of Potatoe (Before and After)


Dark Memories



Whitstable - First Week of December 2023