Monday, 25 April 2022

Untitled With Shadows

I always felt there was something very special about this image. Perhaps is the combination of the positioning of the subject with the sunlight illuminating the background and projecting his shadow on to the ground beneath and around him. There is also the geometric lines in the grass where he is standing one spring afternoon. Of particular interest to me is his own physical standing: right arm behind his back and the hand holding on to the left elbow at the side.   

The shadow produced by the tree in the background is also very special since it lends the general surrounding area a strong element of darkness and makes it correspond with the image projected by the human body against the ground.     

The element that makes me like this image more than others in the same vein is the subjects’s stance: it is guarded but at the same time he holds his own individuality up front. The uncompromising gaze of the boy reaches straight into the camera’s lens. He confronts the moment the camera clicks and records the image for posterity thereby establishing and indelible relationship with the viewer.                                                                    

Friday, 1 April 2022

Peter Auckland and Baby Fred - Dec 16th 2016 Whitstable


Sasha Leech, Artist, The Horsebridge-Whitstable

I recently visited a painting exhibition of this artist, unknown to me until then, and was greatly impressed by the quality of his paintings and the mastery of rendition of his chosen subjects. Great show.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

My Brother, Beto Borja - March 23, 1951

 March 23rd would had been my younger brother Alberto’s seventy first birthday. Today, as every day of my life, I remember him as the human being he was. 

I have felt my life did change in many aspects since his absurd demise which occurred on September 26, 1997

I want to remember his life on his birthday, his achievements and frustrations. His spirit and the sound of his voice, which comes every now and then to the inner recesses of my brain. 

I want to recall in my mind the advice he gave me whenever he saw me deviating from my original purpose at those times I drove down the paths of my life as if I was a drunk-blind motorcycle maniac. 

I also want to commemorate the many times we discussed the important things in life, what we wanted to achieve. 

His memory and his imprint on my soul will live forever in my heart.

Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Lalo Borja by Dominik Kazancev - March 2022

 I owe this great portrait to my young colleague Dominik Kazancev, who took his time to make sure I did not look as terrifying as I normally do. Many thanks.

Friday, 4 March 2022

Grandmother Begging to Bury Grandchild (1995)

This image illustrates the apathy that has driven a people to show disdain for death. So much death that it  has become routine and it can drive people to ignore it even when presented in front of your eyes.
This young grandmother approached me as I walked to the bakery one morning, sometime in early 1995. She was collecting money to bury her born-dead grandchild who she had just picked up from the hospital a block away. She has bought a small white casket but lacks the money to pay for the small plot to bury him. It is a scene that under any other culture, or society, would have people, neighbours, passersby, totally shocked. But not in my native country, where dead is an everyday occurrence. 

So much so that the two women in the background can carry-on discussing the small town gossip after seeing this harrowing, very sad scene, as if nothing had happened...

Monday, 7 February 2022

Portrait by Dominik Kazancev - January 2022

 It has taken a long time for me to find a more rewarding image. This one, taken a few weeks ago in the garden at home by my dear young colleague Dominik, is a great shot. It was done just as the sun had decided to leave town, right after 4pm on winter. The camera was a 4x5 view camera and the smile was missing, as always. But it is a truthful shot, honest and serious. I feel honoured by the efforts of my young friend in getting this shot.

Thursday, 27 January 2022


Entra en puntillas 

Cierra la puerta y calla

Mientras el vino

Y el jazz nos alejan del llanto

No te dejes confundir

Por la apariencia de sobriedad

O de temor 

Enfrenta junto a mí

Los fantasmas de amores

Que viven en la sombra

No queda en esta noche huella 

Ni presencia, como no sea el silencio

Abrazado a esta llovizna sin fin

Llorando a oscuras en París

Oh, París que vive

Duerme y muere entre 

Las lágrimas del vino

Duerme, duerme amor

Ya la madrugada se aleja

Y un nuevo día cae

Como gotas de ajenjo

Sobre los tejados y el mundo

Más allá de esta ventana

No pienses en el olvido

Ni en las rosas que perecen

En los cementerios

O la sonrisa carcomida 

De las estatuas en las avenidas

Llenos están de ellas los cielos

Y la tierra

Entra no más y toma asiento

Sírvete un trago y canta conmigo

Canciones alegóricas a la pasión

Del amor por la vida

O a la muerte 

Que es el desamor temprano

Guarda para siempre el retrato

De esta madrugada

En que la lluvia silenciosa

Cae una vez más sobre París

Summer's Here