Friday, 12 August 2022

Marina Turns Nineteen, Aug 12th - 2022


Funky Profile Self-Portrait


José Sequero, El Gran Pepe - La Caleta, Cádiz, 2012

 In the year 2007 Teresa and I discovered the city of Cádiz at the insinuation of a friend from our town. And ever since we have not gone to spend our summer holidays anywhere else. There was no need. The Old town is small, familiar and interestingly attractive. After that discovery I never wanted to explore the larger new city.

One of the great finds on the beach environment was to have made the acquaintance of Pepe, original name José Sequero, a man so particular you could not take your eyes off of him once you had met him. Ever since our first time on the Caleta Beach we have returned, and the first order of business after arrival was to meet and converse with him to get the low down of the situation. 

He was always there. Chain smoker former fisherman and oracle. This past May (2022) we travelled to that town again, first time since the onset of the pandemia, and to our sorrow we discovered that the man who exemplified the beautiful beach and environs had departed this earthly plane. 

Marina Turns Nineteen, Aug 12th - 2022