Tuesday 25 July 2023

Photographer in Ward's Island, May 2023

I owe this faithful rendition of my reflection to young American photographer Melissa Vera, who I met while walking around and taking portraits of old friends during my sojourn in Ward's Island, Toronto.

She was visiting from Florida and was delighted by the surroundings until I showed up. After a short exchange of information she and I both decided to take portraits of each other. The friend she was with was very shy so he decided to step away from the shots.

The portrait I took of her is a few clicks down from this post and I am very pleased with it as well.

Thursday 13 July 2023

Portrait of Melissa Vera - Ward's Island, Toronto, May 2023

I took this portrait of the young visitor to Ward's Island during my stay there before summer. 

She is a graduated photography student from the US and showed a keen interest in knowing what or who I was photographing as I walked around. 

She is the only subject of my project that was not a resident of the island. She lives in Florida and was visiting that beautiful place on the other side of the water from Toronto. 

Always Sad to Leave Cádiz - Late June 2023


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