Monday, 21 November 2016

Leaving San Francisco, Ca 1988

Early on in 1988 having reached a bit of an impasse in my life I decided to pursue new frontiers. This time my destiny (such foolishness) was San Sebastian, the Basque Country, in Northern Spain. But before getting there I had to go to Paris to see the sights and settle an old account, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, the night before going away a group of my co-workers from Faulkner Color Lab held a gathering at Herbie Greene's house up on the hill. They presented me with this going-away present: a T-shirt repeating my old mantra at the time. That was the scene.
This old polaroid image is all that is left from that evening and whilst reviewing it a flood of memories comes back of a quasi-magical time in that extraordinary town with some unforgettable friends.

De Visita con Cabrera Infante, Londres 1997

Summer Has Become Memories

Luis Kerch, painter

Andy and Sue Fisher, 2011

Children, New Year's Eve 2013

Tower, Canterbury

Summer's Here