Sunday 26 November 2017

Mi Madre, Abril 23, 1922 - Nov 25, 2007

Una vez más llegan a la mente su voz, su mirada bondadosa y el rostro que heredamos.
Hoy más que nunca llegan a la mente sus palabras, la memoria de su ejemplo sin igual y tantas otras cosas que se rehusan a perder brillo en estos tiempos que hoy vivimos.

Thursday 2 November 2017

Newcomers to San Francisco, (Laura and Sahara 1984-85)

This beautiful picture brings back some amazing memories from an almost magical time. The first pad on Fulton and Diviss, the discovery of a wonderful city and the new life we all embarked upon.

By Jack Peilow, ten years had passed since...

This shot was part of a series that young Jack did at the time and was entirely related to beards.  Jack went around town asking men to pose...