Wednesday, 23 March 2022

My Brother, Beto Borja - March 23, 1951

 March 23rd would had been my younger brother Alberto’s seventy first birthday. Today, as every day of my life, I remember him as the human being he was. 

I have felt my life did change in many aspects since his absurd demise which occurred on September 26, 1997

I want to remember his life on his birthday, his achievements and frustrations. His spirit and the sound of his voice, which comes every now and then to the inner recesses of my brain. 

I want to recall in my mind the advice he gave me whenever he saw me deviating from my original purpose at those times I drove down the paths of my life as if I was a drunk-blind motorcycle maniac. 

I also want to commemorate the many times we discussed the important things in life, what we wanted to achieve. 

His memory and his imprint on my soul will live forever in my heart.

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