Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Marina Turns Seventeen, Aug 12th - 2020

This image of my second daughter Marina embodies all that is to be expected from a photograph.
It is a record, plain and simple, of a time that was and continues to evolve rapidly.
Little do we know how it works until we see it accomplished outside of memory and how it exists on its own. Not only as a memory printed on paper but also as a confirmation that time as relentless and unforgiving, is also a repository of all that is wonderful in our lives.
My girl was about six years old when this shot was taken. Today she turns seventeen and I thank this little print and the image that lives in a negative for allowing me to view her again, from afar into the receding distance.
What she looked like in those days will remain forever in the surface of a small, beautifully crafted photographic print.

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San Fernando, Cali 1975