Monday, 29 January 2007

Recordando a Héctor Fabio Cobo

After more than fifteen years in Paris, where he became a circus performer traveling all throughout Europe, this man returned to Colombia to establish a circus school for underprivileged youth.
He started the academy Circo Para Todos, (Circus for Everyone) operating in one of the toughest barrios in Cali, his hometown. He gave new life, and hope, to young men and women whose only outlook for the future were the promise of an early grave.
Unfortunately his life ended all too soon and we had to say good bye to him just before Christmas 2002. The foundation he started has survived, and thrived, after his departure and it is now one of the finest examples of proud self-management in Colombia.
It must be said that, as all events that accompany tragedy and redemption, Héctor Fabio died the very same day of the graduation of the first promotion of the school he had founded. The school has grown in prestige and established itself as one of the finest institutions of this kind in he world.
His legacy lives on and his memory remains for all of us to honour and cherish.


dipcatkali said...

What a strong feeling to see this beautiful Hector's portrait on the net! Just one thing... you just forgot to mention that he died the very same day of his first promotion's graduation, this is THE fact that turns the destiny of a beatiful human being, not into a tragedy but into a poem...

Unknown said...

What a great thing Hector Fabio made, "Circo Para Todos", something I can never forget, esp. living in Las Vegas, de facto capital of Cirque du Soleil. I remember writing about how Hector Fabio dealt with street kids in his circus school. He was a wise teacher:

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