Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Children as Seen by Mrs Brownie

It has been a revelation my association with a little unassuming plastic camera made in 1959 somewhere in England. At first sight it does not compare to the more imposing photographic machines one associates with good professional quality.
But once some things see the light, then it changes the equation and one must pay attention. The quality of the Brownie rendition of light, composition borne out of a wide angle 40 mml lens and the uncertain sharpness that one must always expect and forgive, give these wonderful concoctions the charm they deserve.
I have had many doubts as to whether to forgive the lack of clarity but when compared to the revealing shortcomings of the Brownie, one can not help but embrace the throwback look to a seemingly forgotten era, one that never went away: one that has been siting in a box somewhere, waiting to be rescued.

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