Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Adam King Sits on the Chair (Before and After his Haircut)

This is my friend, photographer Adam King, who asked me to take a roll of nudes of him. Photographing someone naked is a very intimate endeavor. Someone standing nude in front of you, without it being your intimate partner, could represent a daunting enterprise.
Nakedness allows the first viewer, the photographer, to scrutinize at length the person in front of his eyes. He/she will in turn pass on the image to the general viewer for more unrestrained examination.
I realized the act of standing nude in front of others makes one vulnerable. The act of presenting oneself unprotected - the naked subject – has a strong confessional element attached to it.
It can possibly work both ways, something akin to allow the superfluous to vanish in the presence of real honesty, and the opportunity to recognize a deeper understanding of who we are.

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