Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Photography Graduate Show, London, June 2014

                                                                   ADAM KING

                                                             CHARLOTTE SMITH

                                                                   STEVEN CARR

I had the good fortune of visiting the photography students' end of year exhibitions in London this past few days. One more time life gives me the opportunity to see some of my students progress and to see them become adult practitioners.
I am very proud of three of my former students whom I had taught at Canterbury College and are graduating this week.
They are (from the top) Adam King, who has excelled at UCA Rochester, who finished with a First on his graduate courses and is the meticulous producer of fine art portraits; Charlotte Smith, who produced a beautiful paean to her family (Living in Stile), in particular to her father's dedication to the land; and finally, Steven Carr, who has embarked on documenting some of Britain's heritage symbols with great  sensitivity and artistic taste. Both Steve and Charlotte went to UCA Farnham.
To the three of them I send my affection and my tearful embrace for having made me feel extremely proud of their achievements.

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