Saturday, 12 October 2013

After the Prostate Blues Comes the Hasselblad

A few days ago I went under the knife, in this case a 21st Century knife at Canterbury General. Last summer I was diagnosed with the Big C, which was firmly embedded in my prostate gland, bringing about images of doom and eternal darkness. There was no choice but to submit to reality or face the music in more ways than one.
Finally on Oct 4th it was my turn and I went to it, the knife, a machine called, oddly enough, Da Vinci, perhaps because it is a thing of genius, or maybe because it can paint and sculpt your insides as you sleep long and darkly.
In any event, I came home 24 hours later and started my recovery process and so, not out of boredom or narcissism but because one must show some parts of one's life that are important, I decided to pull out Old Miss Hassie and take a couple of rolls in self-portrait mode.
These two shots are my choice and I hope they faithfully portray my state of mind.

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fernando cruz florez said...

Lalo,espero que te recuperes pronto

un abrazo