Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bird in the Eyes and Hands of Children

These are two images created by my children, Marina and Camilo, in the darkroom. We started out with the idea of making a few photograms with which to explore the human figure. On the way to the lab and whilst looking for shrubs and other organic matter, leaves, roots and long grass to adorn our explorations, I came across the dead body of a blackbird.
The poor animal was wet beyond recognition from the long rain of the night before. I took it into the lab and used it to make some initial experimental photograms. We all got very excited about the possibility of making some good-looking prints and took turns in creating something out of the find.
These two images, full of symbols and beauty are by my two children, aged eight and five, created on a rainy morning as they brought a dead bird back to life through the magic of photography.

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