Monday, 19 May 2008

Very early blue

Back in the old days, when I was learning the visual trade, I knocked on many doors and became a printing press operator for a while. At the same time I was developing and printing my photographs in the bathroom at home most nights. Some mornings I would go to work and, between breaks, managed to sneak in an image here and an image there. This silhouette, taken one morning against a window in a hotel room in Quebec City, is one is one of the few remaining prints from that special time of my life when I was officially undocumented but unofficially free in more ways than one.

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John Butterworth ArtistByTheSea said...

I like this one a lot..very sixties like a sreenprint that's my sort of thing at moment i know,but that make's it work for me.I love strong Graphic lines and simple contrast in tone..that blue hits the spot.How do you do that?
More ifo please..JB x