Sunday, 1 April 2007

Gato Barbieri, 1976

It was in Toronto a long time ago, at El Mocambo, on Spadina Avenue (Under the palm Trees, as the radio ads went) and we got to see him three nights in a row with my friend Jorge Lozano. Got all drunk the three nights and after each night ended up drinking some more with Eddie Martínez, his great piano man who was from Pasto, Colombia. Anyway, I had heard his Last Tango in Paris masterpiece and was very excited to make his acquaintance when after the third night I brought him this very portrait. Gato saw me peering from the door into his room upstairs during a break, and turning to his wife he said: "Este chico me ha estado siguiendo durante tres noches". He then asked me to come in to sign his name on the back of his portrait.

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