Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Craig Riedel, San Francisco, California 1991-92

Sometimes rummaging through old boxes where many forgotten negatives sleep the long dream there comes out a mirage from old time. This is one of them, our good friend El Craigo, printed this morning for the first time after more than twenty years.
Many wonderful memories come to mind now of the years spent at Gamma Photo Lab in San Francisco. The hand with the fingers pulling his armpit's hair belongs to a short intense young girl by the name of Zoe, whose last name now escapes me.

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Ana de la Serna said...

Tiene mucha fuerza. Esta llena de misticismo.

Thanks for this portrait Mr Neil Sloman (Late July 2021)

One day before his departure from home, on the way to another of his many foreign adventure-expeditions (Albania this time), my dear friend ...