Wednesday, 8 May 2013

(Not) Just Another Anecdote From the Third World

They come knocking on doors looking for work as domestic workers and in no time they become servants whose poverty pushes them to the brink of endurance.
They usually bring a child with them and if lucky enough to get a job in a house must work from very early in the morning until everyone has gone to bed.
They are assigned the most miserable room in a house. They are grateful to have three meals a day for them and their children.
And whenever in the presence of family members they smile.
This one, whose name I don't remember (it goes without saying), used to work in my mother's house back in the days.

Cali, Colombia, 1981

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LauraPaull said...

That's Patricia, and I remember because she was there with when we lived in your mother's house and she was quite fond of little Sahara.