Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Blissful Sleep

The sleeping young woman at the top was caught sleeping in a train going from Faversham to London a few years ago.
The man in the mattress dreaming face down with his boots on, as well as the bundled up man in front of the Church of Saint Eustace, were taken in Paris in 2009.
The semi-naked man on the granite bench was taken a couple of years ago during the febrile Andalusian summer in the beautiful city of Cádiz.
The man sleeping it off under the painted postage stamp on the wall with the airplane-inducing dream was apprehended on a sidewalk in the Mission District in San Francisco, California, sometime in 1989.
The oldest image of the series is the washing woman resting during her siesta after a busy morning washing clothes in the waters of the Cuenca river in Southern Ecuador in 1979.
The black man sleeping under the sun was taken at the long promenade on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, in 1992, an early morning before work during my bicycle rides back in the days.

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