Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Black & White Rome

These images come as a confirmation of the incredible sharpness of the 40 millimeter lens on the Rollei 35 S, film camera. Up until now I have had only a limited chance to test the lens on this most extraordinary range finder camera.
The negatives are as sharp indoors as they are out of doors, under variable conditions. All you need is a steady grip. The most surprising, and most satisfying, of these four shots is the marble head. This image was taken inside a church under very dim conditions and with a minimum flow of light coming from very high up on the ceiling. The results are nothing short of superb due to the great latitude and receptivity of the 40 millimeter fixed lens on the wonderful little Rollei.
Not all is lost, is my message for those of you who have already traded your film cameras for the fancy digital machines so much in evidence from Timbuktu to Buenos Aires.

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larraz said...

Preciosas imágenes Lalo. Con una fuerza única.