Friday, 15 May 2009

The Rehab Four plus one

To Charlie, Tom, Marcus and Robert- With affection

There is an element of parenthood in being a teacher. Sometimes you wish your children (if you could call them that, without insulting them) would listen to you. You worry that they are smoking, drinking and cavorting too much. You are concerned when the projects do not advance at the required pace. You see them grow slowly and then one day in spring they sprout a dark beard which needs trimming. But when they go to Amsterdam in God knows what company you really start wringing your hands in despair thinking of all that weed for sale at The Olympics Cafe. You think they are forsaking the Rembrandt Museum for a six-pack of beer. You feel they are wasting their time. Just like your parents must have felt about you when you were their age.
And so life goes on and on. But then one day college ends and you must see them go. You try to cheat time by taking a picture of you and them just so there is something left, a shred of light from the present which has already become the past.


anonymous1341 said...

For every section of life you pass through there is always a memorable face, someone who you will carry with you for the rest of your life, someone you will never forget. For me lalo you are that person, and i no how much u hate the phrase because your not dead yet but i think i can speak for all four of us and the rest of the photography gang that you realy are the legend that lives. you have helped to make these last two years so memorable for me and it just wouldnt have been the same without you. you can definatly expect frequent visits and seriously man you will live on forever in all of our hearts and minds, so in the mean time lets shoot tht puppy, nibble a polo and in your famous sarcastic words "love you!!!!!!" xx
From-*Tom* one of your "Rehab Four"

Moonface said...

It feels so difficult trying to write these words because it's a chapter of my life I never want to end. The thought of never again coming into the photography classroom and hearing you say 'hi guys' or 'miss Shaw' fills me with sadness.

In the past two years you have managed to pass on so much of your knowledge, not just academically but personally, you have shared with the majority of us major life changes. Being there with us when we laugh and when we cry, always there to listen and cheer us up, offering your wise words and encouraging us to believe in ourselves, our work and to reach for our dreams.
What I admire most about you is you honesty, the way you are laid back but won't take crap from no one, you are someone who people admire and look up to.
Even though we are all moving onto the next step in our life path, and I am going to Norwich, you can most certainly expect a visit from me!
Thank you Lalo for everything you have done for me, i am truly grateful.
As Tom says, you are a legend. Our living legend, Daddy Lalo and in my heart you always will be.
miss Shaw x

dudemanyeh said...

dude... best two years ever!! i cant believe that these years have cum n gone so quickly, uv taught me so much, nt just in fotography but in life too!! if it werent for ur encouragement and guidance i dont think i wuld have made it to the end of college at all! lol. i think ur about the only tutor in college who actualli gets the students!! i'll be remembering all those times u found me in china, charli too, all the fun times we had, cutting it as close to the deadlines as possible but still handing in A* work, haha, of everyone from these past two years, friends included, i will miss u the most :) u can count on frequent visits from the four horsemen of the apocolypse, rehab four, the olympic comittee (the list goes on) and there is no doubt tht we'll be taking u to the olympic games at sum point in the near future!!! hope all goes well for u and for one last time "lets shoot that puppy" and "i'll buy that". there is so much more i could write, but i cant find the words. so thank u and cheers for everything. xxxxx *ROB* :)!!!!